Medya mesajı, medya masajıdır: McLuhan’ın izinde medyayı anlama kılavuzu.

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The book was published as a guide for understanding the media. This book, published in 1967, has sold more than a million worldwide. McLuhan, understood the power
of media very early and explained his thoughts in his work. According to McLuhan electricity is quite effective on human life. Electronic information tools like radio, TV (social media)
have created new areas for people. Developing
communication tools affects societies and people. This transformation is the nature of the media. Social media, connected people to each other. Everyone can communicate with each other by social media. And so everyone’s
knowledge has increased. So “the medium is the message”. Social media, provides people to be responsible for each other. Social media channels have changed people’s perception of the world. And it is natural that
people have changed. New media, is the premise of creating mass. Information contact with other information. And the results are amazing. Today, social networks are more popular than they have ever been. We use social networks to take a step, to interact with others. According to McLuhan today’s real power is information power. And everyone always has to take place in this environment. In short, this book argues that lives of people return to the global village with communication-media. The allegory of the book: Is social media a dilemma between the need for privacy and need for freedom?

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